Shooting News Shocked Cuba Today

Shocking shooting news occurred this afternoon in Cuba, Missouri. A police officer was injured, and a suspect was killed this Saturday afternoon. The case is still being investigated, but don’t worry, you can still catch up. Here’s what we know about the case.

The Police responded to a Domestic Disturbance

The incident began when the police were dispatched to respond to a domestic disturbance call at around 1:30 pm. The disturbance is of course more than just a winning scream as the neighbor win an online poker games. In the press release, the department stated that the police tried to enter the house and talk to the man. The man who later became the suspect holds a gun.

The Suspect Hit and Shot the Police in the Leg

The department also stated that the police tried to make contact, but the man hit the police and shot the gun. An officer was shot twice in the leg and he tried to return the fire and hit the man as well. But, the man was pronounced dead a while later. The police then transferred to a local hospital by helicopter to treat the injury and the department explained further that the police is expected to get better as it wasn’t a life-threatening injury.

The Case is Still Investigated

There is no further information about his case yet. The names of the individuals are still in the hold because the police are still investigating the case. The department also doesn’t tell more about the root of the problems, again, because it is still under investigation. The Missouri State Highway Patrol is handling the case at the moment.

The Citizens are in Deep Mourning

The news shocked the entire nation because a citizen still possesses a gun, although the law prohibits it. It is shocking because it brings more casualties, both the police and the suspect himself. Not only shocked the citizens, but the Maries Country Sheriff’s Department also mourns about this incident. They shared their deepest condolences through their Facebook page and they also want to remind people that there is still evil in this world, even in a small and beautiful town like Cuba.

All citizens of Cuba are morning because of this incident. Although the case is still being investigated, the police said that it wasn’t life-threatening injuries and it is still investigated as per this article out. The authority hasn’t released further information about this case and whether the police turns into a suspect. Let’s just wait for further news.

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