How Cuba Overcomes Drug Problems

Narcotics is a problem that is experienced by many countries in the world. These illegal drugs are a scourge that must be eradicated by the government. Also included for the Cuban government. If you hear the name of this one country, then of course you will immediately remember the cigar. Cuba is indeed known for its cigar.

In addition, this country in the Caribbean islands is also known as Fidel Castro, the great leader of the Cuban Revolution. Cuba itself has a population of around 11 million, making this country the most populous country in the Caribbean. While the capital of Cuba is Havana with a population of two million. The following is how Cuba deals with drug problems in its country.

How Cuba Is Overcoming Drug Problems

Since 1960, the United States has implemented an economic embargo on Cuba. As a result, the economic condition of Cuba was quite bad. But along with the increasing visit of Cuban tourists, the Cuban government began to open up. It is noted that there are around 4.7 tourists on vacation in Cuba in 2017.

This is a very significant increase compared to 2016. Tourism is one of Cuba’s main sources of income. But the entry of tourists is precisely what turns out to have an impact on society. According to the Cuban authorities, in 2017 there were 94 cases with a total catch of 57.3 kilograms of drugs. This number is the highest compared to the previous five years

Although this country is synonymous with illegal drugs, the highest number of arrests obtained in 2017 is actually influenced by the increase in tourists to Cuba. So it can be said that tourists entering Cuba then carry out drug transactions in this country. The case of the Cubans is rarely heard.

Compared to using illegal drugs, local residents prefer to drink ‘Ron’, which is a typical Cuban alcoholic drink that is consumed both in daily life and certain parties. Strict control from the state to reach the people’s income that is not too large, is one of Cuba to eradicate drug use as well as other criminal behavior.

Narkotics is one of the main issue that become a major trouble in many country. However, cuba prove to other country that even though narkotics can be an issue it is not impossible to be dealt with. And this means that cuba can become a good role model for any country in how to fight against the narkotics issue in their own country?

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