Political and Economics relations of Cuba with Other Countries

Political and Economics relations of Cuba with Other Countries – If we are talking about political and economics relationship between country we will be greeted with many confusing factor. From country relationship and many more. However, if we want to know about political and economics relationship that are interesting to know then we need to know about how cuba as a country behave in their political and economic relationship with other countries

Cuba is a country located on the Caribbean islands. Historically, Cuba has indeed gone through many things. One of them is the Cuban Revolution carried out by Fidel Castro. The Cuban Revolution in the 1960s changed Cuba’s political and economic relations with several countries, especially the United States.

Since Castro came to power, the US has progressively enacted laws to isolate Cuba economically. This certainly made Cuba worse off economically. But during the administration of President Barack Obama, the latest policies have been made that can help the Cuban economy. The following is a little explanation of Cuba’s political and economic relations with other countries.

Political and Economic Relations of Cuba with Other Countries

Cuba’s decision to break away from the snare of colonialism and become a communist state does not seem to be favored by the United States. Finally, since Castro became a leader in Cuba, the US, which had control over Cuba, decided to carry out an economic embargo that made the Cuban people economically worse off.

But when Castro resigned from the chair in 2008, hopes of improving economic conditions began to emerge. Because the replacement for Castro, who is none other than his younger brother, is considered more cooperative. Raul is considered able to realize progress because he has a different view on the economy.

Politically, relations between Cuba and other countries, especially the United States have been reopened. Previously these two countries were in the Cold War period, after the Cuban Revolution. But the US, which had previously carried out commercial, economic and financial embargoes, made companies from the US unable to do business with Cuba.

Leaders at the congress and President Donald Trump themselves supported the embargo. Even though the Cuban government actually wants to revoke it. The effort to improve Cuba’s foreign relations with the United States began at the time of President Barack Obama. Precisely in 2014, where Raul Castro and Obama met to negotiate. This negotiation was carried out secretly in Canada and the Vatican with help from Pope Francis.

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