The Crisis of Cuba Tourism Industry

The United States has been tightening its economic sanction to Cuba. The US president, Donald Trump, has announced to ban flights and cruise ships to Cuba to prevent the island from gaining more revenue. These conditions bring lots of side effects to the citizens, both the US and Cuban citizens.

Cuba Tourism Industry
Cuba is actually one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world to visit. Lots of tourists love going to the island because of its beautiful view and culture. The tourism industry has grown for the past years and in 2017, the island got around 1.5 billion visitors from all around the world. It makes the island focuses more on its tourism industry.

You can see the growth of new hotels, shops, and even restaurants around the island. The island also repaved its streets and renovating its old buildings to embrace more tourists. In the last November, the island even celebrated its 500th birthday as well as preparing for the Christmas party in December. The island looks very festive, but they need to be prepared for the worst in the upcoming month.

Cuba Tourism Industry Today
Cuba has celebrated its 500th anniversary last November as well as to attract more tourists to the island with its festive celebration. In fact, in October, the US has banned flights to the island. In the upcoming month, US also banned cruise ships from going to Cuba. It is a result of the economy sanction from the US to this island. The US citizens cannot go to Cuba unless they go to Havana first or to its neighbouring island to reach Cuba.

The brings a rapid decline to its tourism industry. In the last December, it seems that only one cruise ships were docking to Cuba. In the last 2019, it is recorded that only 4 million tourists come to this island. The number is quite shocking because it decreases a lot compared to the past years. The US tourists are hard to spot on the island these days. Most of the business owners are afraid that they will lose their job because of the US economic sanction.
Cuba will need to brace itself because they won’t get American tourists in the next months. They also need to prepare for the worst because the economic restriction won’t likely come to an end in a short time, at least until new US president is elected.

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