The Unique Culture that we need to know existed in Cuba

The country of Cuba is synonymous with cigars and the history of its revolution. But actually this country holds a variety of unique cultures that might not be found in other countries. Cuba which is located on the Caribbean island has an area almost as large as Java. Cuba is also known as the largest island in the Caribbean islands with a population of around 11 million.

Cuba became the remaining socialist country besides North Korea. But in fact, Cuban society is not rigid at all. Like typical Latin societies, Cuban society is very friendly and open. They are also fast familiar with people who are just known.

Unique Culture Only in Cuba

  1. Habits when meeting people
    In Cuba there is a unique habit of sticking the left and right cheeks when meeting other people, both those who are already known and those who are just known. This is a way of saying greetings which is also a Spanish heritage.
  2. Cubans can get free education at all levels of education up to S3
    Cubans can get free education to S3. The government also gives special attention to school-age children. Actually it is not surprising because this country is in the form of socialist. So that everyone gets the same opportunity.
  3. All houses in Cuba belong to the state
    In Cuba, most of the houses are old relics of the era before Fidel Castro. In addition to people’s apartments which were built during the reign of Fidel Castro and the government thereafter. All houses in Cuba share the same style. Usually in the form of two floors. The first and second floors are filled by two different families. And all houses in Cuba belong to the state.
  4. Everyone has the same position, only differentiated by fate
    Some members from Cuban have never felt afraid or insecure about hanging out with anyone. Even though their work is different. This planting of fearlessness and anti-inferiority made diplomats from Cuba always known as strong diplomats in international forums.

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