What will happen to Cuba Tourism Industry?

What will happen to Cuba Tourism Industry? – There’s a rare sight in Cuba; quiet streets and docks. Cuba has been known as a popular tourist destination, but now there is no sign of activity around the port. It is because Cuba has received sanctions from the US, under Donald Trump’s administration. Then, what will happen to Cuba next?

– US Bans Flight and Cruise Ships to Cuba
President Trump’s recent decision shocked the entire nation. It is because he announced that now the US will tighten its pressure campaign against Cuba. It is not quite shocking because both countries have been a long fight since the Cold War and the US has made it illegal for US companies to do business in or with Cuba, like the competition between online slot and online games in to get the more players.

President Barrack Obama had restored the relationship between Cuba and the US in 2014, but since 2017, President Trump has been trying to restore the restriction to Cuba. As a result, flights and cruise ships to Cuba are stopped. US citizens cannot visit Cuba unless they fly to Havana first that makes it cost more to travel to Cuba.

– What Cuba Will Face
The restriction impacts Cuba a lot. Since October 2019, there is a little sign of US tourists to Cuba. In 2017, they received around 1.5 million people coming to the island, and per 2019, they only receive around 4 million tourists here. Some locals also say that they only see one cruise ship at the end of December and admit that the business has gone bad.

Cuba had grown for the past years, and there were lots of new business on the island, including hotels, restaurants, shops, and others. But because of the travel ban, the business is likely to collapse. Some are still open, but they don’t gain revenue for the past months due to a small number of tourists coming to the island. Because of it, they need to prepare for the worst economic problem.

Not only in terms of the tourism business, but the law will also affect the Cuban-Americans to visit their family. They will need to take a long detour before reaching the island. At some point, it is better not to go back, unless they want to take 12-hours’ drive.

There’s a long fight between the US and Cuba, and at the end, the US stops all of its ways to gain revenue from tourism. It is because the revenue is used to repress the citizens and only support its president. Although it is for good, the decisions still cause some problems.

The Crisis of Cuba Tourism Industry
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The Crisis of Cuba Tourism Industry

The Crisis of Cuba Tourism Industry – The United States has been tightening its economic sanction to Cuba. The US president, Donald Trump, has announced to ban flights and cruise ships to Cuba to prevent the island from gaining more revenue. These conditions bring lots of side effects to the citizens, both the US and Cuban citizens.

– Cuba Tourism Industry
While many people prefer to spend their holidays playing online baccarat in IDN Poker, Cuba is actually one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world to visit. Lots of tourists love going to the island because of its beautiful view and culture. The tourism industry has grown for the past years and in 2017, the island got around 1.5 billion visitors from all around the world. It makes the island focuses more on its tourism industry.

You can see the growth of new hotels, shops, and even restaurants around the island. The island also repaved its streets and renovating its old buildings to embrace more tourists. In the last November, the island even celebrated its 500th birthday as well as preparing for the Christmas party in December. The island looks very festive, but they need to be prepared for the worst in the upcoming month.

– Cuba Tourism Industry Today
Cuba has celebrated its 500th anniversary last November as well as to attract more tourists to the island with its festive celebration. In fact, in October, the US has banned flights to the island. In the upcoming month, US also banned cruise ships from going to Cuba. It is a result of the economy sanction from the US to this island. The US citizens cannot go to Cuba unless they go to Havana first or to its neighbouring island to reach Cuba.

The brings a rapid decline to its tourism industry. In the last December, it seems that only one cruise ships were docking to Cuba. In the last 2019, it is recorded that only 4 million tourists come to this island. The number is quite shocking because it decreases a lot compared to the past years. The US tourists are hard to spot on the island these days. Most of the business owners are afraid that they will lose their job because of the US economic sanction.

Cuba will need to brace itself because they won’t get American tourists in the next months. They also need to prepare for the worst because the economic restriction won’t likely come to an end in a short time, at least until new US president is elected.

Charming Cuban Cuisine
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Charming Cuban Cuisine

Cuban cuisine is a mixture of different elements, which includes Spanish, African, and Caribbean influences. Some recipes for a Cuban dish may employ Spanish recipes combined with African cooking technique; while at the same time incorporate some Caribbean influences in spice and flavors. Chinese influences can also be observed especially in dishes found in the Havana area. In addition, one can even trace it all back to Italian root.
During its time as a Spanish colony, Spaniards living in the area brought also their culinary traditions, making it the first attempt at amalgamation of culinary aspects of both worlds. This is also why Spanish cuisine plays a big role in reforming Cuban culinary scene. The French colonist came to Cuba from Haiti while African slaves came to Cuba with their cooking traditions.

Cuban cuisine is rich in seafood elements due to the fact that the country is an island in form; this element is found in many dishes in Cuba. The country’s climate also plays a role in shaping its culinary background. Being in a tropical climate, fruits and root vegetables can be found in many Cuban meals. Rice and beans are common staples, cooked either apart or together. Cooked separately, the meal is refered to as “arroz con frijoles”. Cooked together, it is known as “Moros y Cristianos” or simply “Moros” or “congri”. A Cuban sandwich is a popular lunch item, known locally as a mixto. The sandwich emerged in the late 1800s and quickly spread among Cuban American communities.

A typical Cuban sandwich consists of a base of Cuban bread that has been lightly buttered. The bread is cut in half and then filled with Serrano ham/thinly sliced, Swiss cheese, roast pork/sliced, dill pickles, and yellow mustard. Genoa salami is added to the recipe for Cuban sandwich found in Tampa, Florida complimenting other meats. This element finds its way into the recipe thanks to Italian immigrants living next to Cubans and Spaniards in Ybor City. In many restaurants, the recipe also incorporates tomatoes and lettuce. Still, the inclusion of both veggies is considered an attempt at the Americanization of the sandwich recipe by traditionalists, who take it as something unacceptable. Once all the components are assembled, the Cuban sandwich should be pressed in a plancha, a grill of Panini type that is grooveless. The grill then heats and compresses the sandwich all at the same time.

Shooting News Shocked Cuba Today
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Shooting News Shocked Cuba Today

Shocking shooting news occurred this afternoon in Cuba, Missouri. A police officer was injured, and a suspect was killed this Saturday afternoon. The case is still being investigated, but don’t worry, you can still catch up. Here’s what we know about the case.

The Police responded to a Domestic Disturbance

The incident began when the police were dispatched to respond to a domestic disturbance call at around 1:30 pm. The disturbance is of course more than just a winning scream as the neighbor win an online poker games. In the press release, the department stated that the police tried to enter the house and talk to the man. The man who later became the suspect holds a gun.

The Suspect Hit and Shot the Police in the Leg

The department also stated that the police tried to make contact, but the man hit the police and shot the gun. An officer was shot twice in the leg and he tried to return the fire and hit the man as well. But, the man was pronounced dead a while later. The police then transferred to a local hospital by helicopter to treat the injury and the department explained further that the police is expected to get better as it wasn’t a life-threatening injury.

The Case is Still Investigated

There is no further information about his case yet. The names of the individuals are still in the hold because the police are still investigating the case. The department also doesn’t tell more about the root of the problems, again, because it is still under investigation. The Missouri State Highway Patrol is handling the case at the moment.

The Citizens are in Deep Mourning

The news shocked the entire nation because a citizen still possesses a gun, although the law prohibits it. It is shocking because it brings more casualties, both the police and the suspect himself. Not only shocked the citizens, but the Maries Country Sheriff’s Department also mourns about this incident. They shared their deepest condolences through their Facebook page and they also want to remind people that there is still evil in this world, even in a small and beautiful town like Cuba.

All citizens of Cuba are morning because of this incident. Although the case is still being investigated, the police said that it wasn’t life-threatening injuries and it is still investigated as per this article out. The authority hasn’t released further information about this case and whether the police turns into a suspect. Let’s just wait for further news.

Taking a Brief Look at Cuba and Its Tourism Industry
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Taking a Brief Look at Cuba and Its Tourism Industry

Taking a Brief Look at Cuba and Its Tourism Industry – Cuba has been known as a popular tourist destination for a long time. Havana, the country’s capital, saw a large influx of tourists, more than any other countries in the Caribbean, between 1915 and 1930. This was due in large part to the country’s close proximity to the US. The US during the time applied restrictive alcohol prohibition while Cuba was much more lenient and relaxed toward pursuits of leisure. Tourism quickly became Cuba’s largest source of currency, behind sugar and tobacco industry. Cuba’s tourism industry suffered from a little hiccup thanks to the Great Depression of the 1930s, the alcohol prohibition coming to an end, and the World War II. The number of tourist came back to normal in the 1950s, though.

In 1989, the communist regimes in Eastern Europe collapsed and in 1992 the Soviet Union came to an end. These factors caused a crisis in the economy of Cuba due to the fact that the Soviets were the primary partner for trading for Cuba. To encounter the economic depression, the communist rulers of Cuba were forced to find a new source of income and tourism was one sector they selected to shift reliance from sugar industry. In 1994, a new Tourism Ministry was established. Over $3.5 billion was invested in the tourism industry from 1990 to 2000 while the number of rooms serving international tourists rose from 12,000 to 35,000. Tourism had largely surpassed sugar industry by 1995 as Cuba’s major source of income. The local gambling business site also have more visitor from this growing tourism business.

The largest number of tourists comes from Canada—arrivals from the country rises by 10% per year since 2007. The second largest is from Europe, primarily from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Great Britain. The US put a ban on traveling to Cuba so there is no clear number for how many tourists come to the country. However, some statistics show that about 20,000 to 30,000 Americans traveled to Cuba illegally every year. The US government authorized six airlines to Cuba in June 2016. The US government also made their law much more relaxed in this regard, making people easier to travel to Cuba, a change that was further amended in March 2016. These loosened restrictions were partially revoked in 2017 but traveling to Cuba is still legal for US citizens who meet the requirements. As of 2019, Americans can travel to Cuba using an OFAC General License, once proven having met any one of the 12 categories of legal travel.

5 Popular Street Foods in Havana Cuba that You Should Try

5 Popular Street Foods in Havana Cuba that You Should Try

5 Popular Street Food in Havana Cuba You Must Try = – Havana is a great tourist destination. You will find many beautiful and interesting things in the city, culture, tourist attractions, music, food, and much more. One of the interesting things that can’t be missed when you visit Havana is street food. There are many tasty and affordable street foods that are easily found on the streets of Havana.

1. Hawaiana Pizza
The country is also known for its online gambling players which breed every year, which is also the reason why it is as popular as Havana pizza. This pizza is different from the others because you will find pineapple on it. Hawaiana Pizza is easily found on every corner of Havana street at an affordable price of $ 0.80. Try this delicious and fresh pizza with one Cuban peso coffee and your hangover will be perfect.

2. Hamburguesa De Cerdo
For lunch you must try this cerdo hamburguesa. This hamburger is really good with pork sprinkled with lettuce, tomatoes, pineapple or onion rings, and poured with cream cheese or strawberry jam. You can get this hamburger for $ 1.50

3. Batido de Guayaba
Guava is one of the icons in Cuba. You will easily find guava everywhere in Havana too. Don’t miss to try Batido de Guayaba when you are in Havana. This is a kind of drink made from fresh guava, sugar, and milk. This guava milkshake is only $ 0.15 but it is fresh, tasty and healthy for everyone to try.

4. Churros
Churros is a popular street food in Havana which can be a ritual for every tourist to try. This is a fried dough coated in sugar, and tastes very good.

5. Huevo sandwich
Sandwich de Huevo is a popular breakfast food in Havana. Tasty and affordable that you only need $ 0.60 for each. This egg sandwich is quite simple, it only needs soft bread and fresh fried eggs as the topping. You can also add cheese and ham for a more delicious taste, but you also have to pay more for it.

Visiting Havana, Cuba can’t be solved if we haven’t tried good Havana street food. There are tons of affordable and delicious Havana street food, including Pizza Hawaiana, Hamburguesa De Cerdo, Batido de Guayaba, Churros, and Sandwich de Huevo. You can create unforgettable moments in Havana by trying street food.

5 Most Popular and Refreshing Cuban Drinks

5 Most Popular and Refreshing Cuban Drinks

Cuba is popular not just for its delicious foods, but also for the refreshing drinks. There are plenty of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks found in Cuba. Most alcoholic drinks use rum for the main ingredients. But, the non-alcoholic drinks like punches, smoothies, or shakes are also refreshing for your hot summer. Here are 5 most popular and refreshing Cuban drinks that can be selected when you visit that country.

  • Cuba Libre (Cubata)
    Cuba Libre or Cubata are popular drinks in Cuba that give a fresh, sweet and subtle that can be a perfect drink in a hot summer. This drink is also known as “Rum and Coke” because it uses rum and coke or cola as the main ingredients. Cuba Libre is often referred to summer fun, just as how people relate fun today.
  • Daiquiri
    Daiquiri is popular as a family cocktail in Cuba. It is a kind of traditional cocktails that need some basic ingredients to make, such as rum, lime juice, and sugar. The fresh and sweet taste makes everyone love to drink this Daiquiri, especially in a hot summer. If you want to make a more fun taste, try drinking this cocktail while playing online gambling. Play bets on https://multibet88.online can be a nice online gambling alternative to try with cocktail in your hands.
  • Mojito
    Mojito is a kind of traditional Cuban cocktail that brings the cool, fresh and sweet taste that makes everyone love to taste. To make these drinks, you just need five main ingredients, sugar, lime juice, mint leaves, rum, and soda water. The combination of sweet taste from the sugar, fresh taste from lime juice, and cool taste from the mint leaves are so perfect wit rum and soda water. If you want a fresher and cooler taste, just add the crushed ice to that drink.
  • Cubanito
    Cubanito can be a different and unique drink that can be found in Cuba. This drink is also famous as an appetizer. To make the Cubanito you will need white rum, lemon juice, tomato juice, salt, Worcestershire sauce, pepper and also horseradish sauce.
  • El Presidente
    El Presidente is popular as the Cuban upper-class drink. During 1925 and 1933, the Cuban Presidents said that this El Presidente is one of Cuban drinks for the upper society. This drink uses some ingredients on it like white rum, dry vermouth, orange curacao, grenadine, ice chips, and cherries.

If you want to visit Cuba, don’t be missed to try the Cuban drinks when you arrived. You will find a lot of refreshing Cuban drinks that meet your taste, such as Cuba Libre or Cubata, Daiquiri, Mojito, Cubanito and El Presidente drinks. All of those drinks will always remind you of that country.

Political and Economics relations of Cuba with Other Countries
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Political and Economics relations of Cuba with Other Countries

Political and Economics relations of Cuba with Other Countries – If we are talking about political and economics relationship between country we will be greeted with many confusing factor. From country relationship and many more. However, if we want to know about political and economics relationship that are interesting to know then we need to know about how cuba as a country behave in their political and economic relationship with other countries

Cuba is a country located on the Caribbean islands. Historically, Cuba has indeed gone through many things. One of them is the Cuban Revolution carried out by Fidel Castro. The Cuban Revolution in the 1960s changed Cuba’s political and economic relations with several countries, especially the United States.

Since Castro came to power, the US has progressively enacted laws to isolate Cuba economically. This certainly made Cuba worse off economically. But during the administration of President Barack Obama, the latest policies have been made that can help the Cuban economy. The following is a little explanation of Cuba’s political and economic relations with other countries.

Political and Economic Relations of Cuba with Other Countries

Cuba’s decision to break away from the snare of colonialism and become a communist state does not seem to be favored by the United States. Finally, since Castro became a leader in Cuba, the US, which had control over Cuba, decided to carry out an economic embargo that made the Cuban people economically worse off.

But when Castro resigned from the chair in 2008, hopes of improving economic conditions began to emerge. Because the replacement for Castro, who is none other than his younger brother, is considered more cooperative. Raul is considered able to realize progress because he has a different view on the economy.

Politically, relations between Cuba and other countries, especially the United States have been reopened. Previously these two countries were in the Cold War period, after the Cuban Revolution. But the US, which had previously carried out commercial, economic and financial embargoes, made companies from the US unable to do business with Cuba.

Leaders at the congress and President Donald Trump themselves supported the embargo. Even though the Cuban government actually wants to revoke it. The effort to improve Cuba’s foreign relations with the United States began at the time of President Barack Obama. Precisely in 2014, where Raul Castro and Obama met to negotiate. This negotiation was carried out secretly in Canada and the Vatican with help from Pope Francis.

The turbulent Political conditions of Cuba
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The turbulent Political conditions of Cuba

Cuba is a small, traditional country in the North Caribbean. Since it was first established, the political situation in Cuba has always experienced turmoil. In 1492, Spain invaded Cuba. Since that time Spain conquered the indigenous people of Cuba and made a new colony. After America intervened in Cuba, this country also gained independence in 1902.

Unfortunately this independence helped by America made Cuba in the grip of America. The American government has the right to intervene to protect Cuba’s independence. Since its independence, Cuba has only been led by a corrupt president, Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar. Until finally the Cuban Revolution was voiced by Fidel Castro.

Political Conditions in Cuba Since the Past Until Now

The initial step of the revolution voiced by Castro began on July 26, 1953. Castro and members attacked the Moncada Barracks located in Santiago de Cuba. After becoming a political prisoner, Castro was released in 1955. Then together with Che Guevara, he began a rebellion against the government led by Batista.

Castro and Che Guevara who openly brought the leftist ideology were apparently not favored by America. The US government is worried that these two figures will attack important American investments and property in Cuba. In the end during Castro’s leadership, America broke off diplomatic relations with Cuba.

The turbulent Political conditions of Cuba

Castro is known as the longest-running world leader. He came to power from 1967 to 2008, even though in 2006 he had surrendered his power to his younger brother, Raul Castro. Under Raul Castro’s leadership, Cuba became better because Raul had a different view on economic matters.

Castro who had communist ideology made Cuba a communist state by adhering to a one-party system. Of course this is what makes America angry. Nevertheless the Cuban revolution became a major development of this country. Modernization can also be created rapidly. Despite using communist ideology, the Castro regime was indeed more tolerant than the former East European regime.

The Population in Cuba
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The Population in Cuba

What first crossed your mind when you heard the name Cuba? Maybe a lot of people remember cigar. This one product is characteristic of Cubans. This country is also famous for its political turmoil. Several decades ago, there was a Cuban Revolution which caused the break up of Cuba’s diplomatic relations with the United States.

All of that happened more than 50 years ago. Now Cuba has built diplomatic relations again with the United States. Even cigars from Cuba can also enter America. Besides its cigar, Cuba is also known for its diverse population. The Cuban population consists of various ethnicities and cultures.

Information about the Population in Cuba

Based on the CIA’s World Factbook, the Cuban population consists of mulatto (a mixture of white and black skin), whites, blacks and Chinese. The Chinese in Cuba used to come in the 19th century to build railroad roads and work in the mine. But after the work was finished, they were unable to return to their home countries and eventually settled in Cuba.

Based on historical records, the Chinese population in Cuba is known to have a lower degree than Europeans but higher than those with dark skin. The diversity of the population in Cuba makes frequent racial tensions. In Santiago de Cuba, a number of Jamaicans were labeled as lazy people. People with brighter skin often get ‘higher’ jobs. Skin color is often a class determinant.

The Population in Cuba

Actually, Cuba as a socialist country does not have large income differences between its inhabitants. But the difference is not only in race, but also in Cuban religion and music. There has been a lot of illegal internal immigration to Havana.

People who do this try to find greater opportunities. Cuba is also known to often accommodate a number of non-Cuban people who are unknown in number. Including defectors from the US such as Philip Agee. And also what foreign activists have for various radical reasons.

Adventure in the Cuban Vinales Valley

Adventure in the Cuban Vinales Valley

Vacationing in natural attractions is an important thing to do today. Those of us who usually live in urban areas can be very stressed about how our lives work every day. Doing a vacation to a natural tourist spot can be a good medicine for relieving our stress. And one of the countries where we recommend you vacation is in Cuba, especially in this one place.

Before we talk about tourism recommendations, we need to know about cuba first. Cuba is one of the countries located in the Caribbean. So far, Cuba has always been known for its cigar. Even though there are actually many interesting things from Cuba. One of them is, this country has many vacation spots that are a pity to miss. Cuba is one of the most visited Caribbean countries by tourists.

There are amazing colonial cities, beautiful natural scenery, and many more places in Cuba that must be visited. If you don’t have much time to visit Cuba, don’t forget to enter the name Vinales Valley into your list. You will not regret visiting this valley.

Vacation Adventure to the Vinales Valley in Cuba

Cuba does save a lot of beauty which is a pity to miss. Besides Havana, when you are in Cuba, you are also required to visit the Vinales Valley. This place is a farm that has become a Cuban icon. UNESCO itself has even made the Vinales Valley a world heritage site.

The Vinales Valley is known for its natural reservation level and traditional agricultural techniques that are still used for plants in this valley. Vacation to Vinales Valley You can enjoy the cool air of agriculture which is not necessarily available when you are in town.

If you want to take a vacation while traveling, then Vinales Valley is your destination. In this valley, you can enjoy beautiful green scenery. Not only the scenery and cool air that can be enjoyed. Vacation in Vinales Valley and increase your knowledge. Therefore, tourism in the valley is often referred to as educational tourism.

Plus if you like farming. In the Vinales Valley, you can learn from local farmers to manage agriculture in the traditional way. In addition, you can also buy agricultural products from local farmers to make souvenirs or even consume them yourself. Many eateries also serve processed foods from local farms in Vinales Valley.

How Cuba Overcomes Drug Problems
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How Cuba Overcomes Drug Problems

Narcotics is a problem that is experienced by many countries in the world. These illegal drugs are a scourge that must be eradicated by the government. Also included for the Cuban government. If you hear the name of this one country, then of course you will immediately remember the cigar. Cuba is indeed known for its cigar.

In addition, this country in the Caribbean islands is also known as Fidel Castro, the great leader of the Cuban Revolution. Cuba itself has a population of around 11 million, making this country the most populous country in the Caribbean. While the capital of Cuba is Havana with a population of two million. The following is how Cuba deals with drug problems in its country.

How Cuba Is Overcoming Drug Problems

Since 1960, the United States has implemented an economic embargo on Cuba. As a result, the economic condition of Cuba was quite bad. But along with the increasing visit of Cuban tourists, the Cuban government began to open up. It is noted that there are around 4.7 tourists on vacation in Cuba in 2017.

This is a very significant increase compared to 2016. Tourism is one of Cuba’s main sources of income. But the entry of tourists is precisely what turns out to have an impact on society. According to the Cuban authorities, in 2017 there were 94 cases with a total catch of 57.3 kilograms of drugs. This number is the highest compared to the previous five years

Although this country is synonymous with illegal drugs, the highest number of arrests obtained in 2017 is actually influenced by the increase in tourists to Cuba. So it can be said that tourists entering Cuba then carry out drug transactions in this country. The case of the Cubans is rarely heard.

Compared to using illegal drugs, local residents prefer to drink ‘Ron’, which is a typical Cuban alcoholic drink that is consumed both in daily life and certain parties. Strict control from the state to reach the people’s income that is not too large, is one of Cuba to eradicate drug use as well as other criminal behavior.

Narkotics is one of the main issue that become a major trouble in many country. However, cuba prove to other country that even though narkotics can be an issue it is not impossible to be dealt with. And this means that cuba can become a good role model for any country in how to fight against the narkotics issue in their own country?

The Best Tourist Attractions in Cuba
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The Best Tourist Attractions in Cuba

So far, maybe we know Cuba with its cigar. Even though the Republic of Cuba is an exotic tourist destination favored by many tourists in the world. In history, tourists had difficulty visiting Cuba. This was the result of the cracking of Cuba’s diplomatic relations with the United States since the Cuban revolution in 1959.

Since diplomatic relations have been re-established during the presidency of President Barack Obama, tourists have returned to this country. Tourist attractions in Cuba are very diverse. There are in the form of beaches, valleys, museums, culinary tours and shopping. If you are interested in vacationing in Cuba, here are some of the best tourist attractions in Cuba.

The Best Places to Visit in Cuba

If at any time you get the opportunity to take a vacation to Cuba, you should not forget to visit some of the tourist attractions below.

  1. Hotel Nacional
    This one tourist spot is one of the historical sites in Cuba. The reason was that political figures from Cuba, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara had their offices at Hotel Nacional in the Cuban period and were hit by conflict. This hotel is also often visited by celebrities when diplomatic relations between Cuba and America are still close. The information about this hotel can find out and don’t forget to take photos and visit restaurants and museums in this hotel.
  2. Ancient City of Trinidad
    This one tourist attraction has been included in the list of UNESCO historical sites. Visiting this place, you will be treated to a view of the history of the old Spanish city that shaped Cuba’s culture.
  3. Topes de Collantes National Park
    Cuba does have many valleys and hills that can be explored. If you are interested but don’t have much time, please visit Topes de Collantes National Park. This place is famous for the beauty of the Vegas Grande waterfall.

Thus are the three best tourist spots in Cuba. Don’t forget to take a moment to visit these places, while enjoying the unique and unforgettable culture of Cuba.

The Unique Culture that we need to know existed in Cuba
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The Unique Culture that we need to know existed in Cuba

The country of Cuba is synonymous with cigars and the history of its revolution. But actually this country holds a variety of unique cultures that might not be found in other countries. Cuba which is located on the Caribbean island has an area almost as large as Java. Cuba is also known as the largest island in the Caribbean islands with a population of around 11 million.

Cuba became the remaining socialist country besides North Korea. But in fact, Cuban society is not rigid at all. Like typical Latin societies, Cuban society is very friendly and open. They are also fast familiar with people who are just known.

Unique Culture Only in Cuba

  1. Habits when meeting people
    In Cuba there is a unique habit of sticking the left and right cheeks when meeting other people, both those who are already known and those who are just known. This is a way of saying greetings which is also a Spanish heritage.
  2. Cubans can get free education at all levels of education up to S3
    Cubans can get free education to S3. The government also gives special attention to school-age children. Actually it is not surprising because this country is in the form of socialist. So that everyone gets the same opportunity.
  3. All houses in Cuba belong to the state
    In Cuba, most of the houses are old relics of the era before Fidel Castro. In addition to people’s apartments which were built during the reign of Fidel Castro and the government thereafter. All houses in Cuba share the same style. Usually in the form of two floors. The first and second floors are filled by two different families. And all houses in Cuba belong to the state.
  4. Everyone has the same position, only differentiated by fate
    Some members from Cuban have never felt afraid or insecure about hanging out with anyone. Even though their work is different. This planting of fearlessness and anti-inferiority made diplomats from Cuba always known as strong diplomats in international forums.
Getting to know the famous Cuban Cigar
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Getting to know the famous Cuban Cigar

It’s no secret that Cuba has been known for its cigar. Since Christopher Columbus landed in this country, cigars have become the flagship product of Cuba. At that time, Columbus saw the natives sucking on the leaves of tobacco when he docked in 1492.

Fidel Castro, who seized power in Cuba during the 1959 revolution, was also often seen smoking his favorite tobacco. Castro’s favorite cigar is a long, slim type of lancer. The leader was known to quit smoking in 1985. Many consider that Cuban cigars are the best in the world, with brands such as Cohiba, Montecristo, and Partagas.

Get to know more about cigars from Cuba

In the past, Cuba had cut off diplomatic relations with the United States. This affects the access of Cuban product cigars into America. After Obama revealed a new policy towards Cuba with the aim of ending five decades of conflict, the first illegal legal products of Cuba were cigars.

Surely this will greatly facilitate Americans to visit Cuba, while tasting a typical cigar from this country. Not only do Americans benefit. Tobacco farmers in Cuba also benefit, because they can better finance themselves and improve transportation for their workers.

Cuban cigars do have high status so many people want to want them. Cigars are one of the pride for Cubans. Indeed, this item becomes very luxurious if it arrives in another country, but only in Cuba can the working class suck cigars. Cubans, especially men, like to smoke cigars while playing dominoes or traveling.

Foreign tourists who can afford expensive cigars usually fill up the place Ernest Hemingway often visits. Cubans also regard cigars as a tradition and typical Cuban art work. Cigar products are not made by machine. But it has been made in the same way since 200 years ago. The equipment used is also the same. It is not wrong if Cubans are very proud of cigars.

Having a vacation in Cayo Largo del Sur a heaven on earth located in cuba
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Having a vacation in Cayo Largo del Sur a heaven on earth located in cuba

Cuba is not a vast country. But this country has a lot of beauty in it. The country located in the Caribbean is known for its colorful culture, beautiful beaches, and dense forests. Most of the land owned by Cuba has even been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage because of its beauty and historical story.

Cuba does not only have a city with a very thick colonial feel, but many tourist attractions with natural beauty must be visited if you are on vacation in this country. If you are in Cuba and want to enjoy the real paradise of the world, please try visiting this one beach.

The Beauty of Heaven World is only in Cuba Cayo Largo del Sur

Cuba does have some of the extraordinary beauty in terms of beach. One of them is located on the island of Cayo Largo del Sur, which is a beach called Paradise Beach or Playa Paraiso. As the name implies, this beach does have beauty like heaven in the world. Even if you look directly, it feels like you’re in a photo in a magazine.

One thing that makes Cayo largo del sur different from other beach in this world is how unique the beach is. In Cayo largo del cur we can see how the beach has soft white sand and soothing blue water. If you want to relax while enjoying clear water, clear skies, as well as warm sunlight, then this is the best place for a vacation when visiting Cuba.

If you are traveling around Cayo Largo, it seems this island does not look like a part of Cuba. The island is surrounded by beaches and clear water. Most Americans who come to this place want to bask on the beach to get tanned skin. Of course, around the island of Cayo Largo del Sur there have been various types of hotels, homestays, and other residences that can be chosen by tourists.

There are also interesting gift shops and restaurants to visit if you choose to vacation in this place. Although it has been famous for its beauty, but the Paradise beach on Cayo Largo del Sur is usually not too crowded and crowded by tourists. So you can relax calmly in the paradise of the world which is known as cayo largo del sur. It is definitely worth your time and can give you a better experience when having a vacation.