5 Popular Street Foods in Havana Cuba that You Should Try

5 Popular Street Food in Havana Cuba You Must Try = – Havana is a great tourist destination. You will find many beautiful and interesting things in the city, culture, tourist attractions, music, food, and much more. One of the interesting things that can’t be missed when you visit Havana is street food. There are many tasty and affordable street foods that are easily found on the streets of Havana.

1. Hawaiana Pizza
The country is also known for its online gambling players which breed every year, which is also the reason why it is as popular as Havana pizza. This pizza is different from the others because you will find pineapple on it. Hawaiana Pizza is easily found on every corner of Havana street at an affordable price of $ 0.80. Try this delicious and fresh pizza with one Cuban peso coffee and your hangover will be perfect.

2. Hamburguesa De Cerdo
For lunch you must try this cerdo hamburguesa. This hamburger is really good with pork sprinkled with lettuce, tomatoes, pineapple or onion rings, and poured with cream cheese or strawberry jam. You can get this hamburger for $ 1.50

3. Batido de Guayaba
Guava is one of the icons in Cuba. You will easily find guava everywhere in Havana too. Don’t miss to try Batido de Guayaba when you are in Havana. This is a kind of drink made from fresh guava, sugar, and milk. This guava milkshake is only $ 0.15 but it is fresh, tasty and healthy for everyone to try.

4. Churros
Churros is a popular street food in Havana which can be a ritual for every tourist to try. This is a fried dough coated in sugar, and tastes very good.

5. Huevo sandwich
Sandwich de Huevo is a popular breakfast food in Havana. Tasty and affordable that you only need $ 0.60 for each. This egg sandwich is quite simple, it only needs soft bread and fresh fried eggs as the topping. You can also add cheese and ham for a more delicious taste, but you also have to pay more for it.

Visiting Havana, Cuba can’t be solved if we haven’t tried good Havana street food. There are tons of affordable and delicious Havana street food, including Pizza Hawaiana, Hamburguesa De Cerdo, Batido de Guayaba, Churros, and Sandwich de Huevo. You can create unforgettable moments in Havana by trying street food.

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