What will happen to Cuba Tourism Industry?

What will happen to Cuba Tourism Industry? – There’s a rare sight in Cuba; quiet streets and docks. Cuba has been known as a popular tourist destination, but now there is no sign of activity around the port. It is because Cuba has received sanctions from the US, under Donald Trump’s administration. Then, what will happen to Cuba next?

– US Bans Flight and Cruise Ships to Cuba
President Trump’s recent decision shocked the entire nation. It is because he announced that now the US will tighten its pressure campaign against Cuba. It is not quite shocking because both countries have been a long fight since the Cold War and the US has made it illegal for US companies to do business in or with Cuba, like the competition between online slot and online games in to get the more players.

President Barrack Obama had restored the relationship between Cuba and the US in 2014, but since 2017, President Trump has been trying to restore the restriction to Cuba. As a result, flights and cruise ships to Cuba are stopped. US citizens cannot visit Cuba unless they fly to Havana first that makes it cost more to travel to Cuba.

– What Cuba Will Face
The restriction impacts Cuba a lot. Since October 2019, there is a little sign of US tourists to Cuba. In 2017, they received around 1.5 million people coming to the island, and per 2019, they only receive around 4 million tourists here. Some locals also say that they only see one cruise ship at the end of December and admit that the business has gone bad.

Cuba had grown for the past years, and there were lots of new business on the island, including hotels, restaurants, shops, and others. But because of the travel ban, the business is likely to collapse. Some are still open, but they don’t gain revenue for the past months due to a small number of tourists coming to the island. Because of it, they need to prepare for the worst economic problem.

Not only in terms of the tourism business, but the law will also affect the Cuban-Americans to visit their family. They will need to take a long detour before reaching the island. At some point, it is better not to go back, unless they want to take 12-hours’ drive.

There’s a long fight between the US and Cuba, and at the end, the US stops all of its ways to gain revenue from tourism. It is because the revenue is used to repress the citizens and only support its president. Although it is for good, the decisions still cause some problems.

Getting to know the famous Cuban Cigar
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Getting to know the famous Cuban Cigar

It’s no secret that Cuba has been known for its cigar. Since Christopher Columbus landed in this country, cigars have become the flagship product of Cuba. At that time, Columbus saw the natives sucking on the leaves of tobacco when he docked in 1492.

Fidel Castro, who seized power in Cuba during the 1959 revolution, was also often seen smoking his favorite tobacco. Castro’s favorite cigar is a long, slim type of lancer. The leader was known to quit smoking in 1985. Many consider that Cuban cigars are the best in the world, with brands such as Cohiba, Montecristo, and Partagas.

Get to know more about cigars from Cuba

In the past, Cuba had cut off diplomatic relations with the United States. This affects the access of Cuban product cigars into America. After Obama revealed a new policy towards Cuba with the aim of ending five decades of conflict, the first illegal legal products of Cuba were cigars.

Surely this will greatly facilitate Americans to visit Cuba, while tasting a typical cigar from this country. Not only do Americans benefit. Tobacco farmers in Cuba also benefit, because they can better finance themselves and improve transportation for their workers.

Cuban cigars do have high status so many people want to want them. Cigars are one of the pride for Cubans. Indeed, this item becomes very luxurious if it arrives in another country, but only in Cuba can the working class suck cigars. Cubans, especially men, like to smoke cigars while playing dominoes or traveling.

Foreign tourists who can afford expensive cigars usually fill up the place Ernest Hemingway often visits. Cubans also regard cigars as a tradition and typical Cuban art work. Cigar products are not made by machine. But it has been made in the same way since 200 years ago. The equipment used is also the same. It is not wrong if Cubans are very proud of cigars.

Having a vacation in Cayo Largo del Sur a heaven on earth located in cuba
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Having a vacation in Cayo Largo del Sur a heaven on earth located in cuba

Cuba is not a vast country. But this country has a lot of beauty in it. The country located in the Caribbean is known for its colorful culture, beautiful beaches, and dense forests. Most of the land owned by Cuba has even been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage because of its beauty and historical story.

Cuba does not only have a city with a very thick colonial feel, but many tourist attractions with natural beauty must be visited if you are on vacation in this country. If you are in Cuba and want to enjoy the real paradise of the world, please try visiting this one beach.

The Beauty of Heaven World is only in Cuba Cayo Largo del Sur

Cuba does have some of the extraordinary beauty in terms of beach. One of them is located on the island of Cayo Largo del Sur, which is a beach called Paradise Beach or Playa Paraiso. As the name implies, this beach does have beauty like heaven in the world. Even if you look directly, it feels like you’re in a photo in a magazine.

One thing that makes Cayo largo del sur different from other beach in this world is how unique the beach is. In Cayo largo del cur we can see how the beach has soft white sand and soothing blue water. If you want to relax while enjoying clear water, clear skies, as well as warm sunlight, then this is the best place for a vacation when visiting Cuba.

If you are traveling around Cayo Largo, it seems this island does not look like a part of Cuba. The island is surrounded by beaches and clear water. Most Americans who come to this place want to bask on the beach to get tanned skin. Of course, around the island of Cayo Largo del Sur there have been various types of hotels, homestays, and other residences that can be chosen by tourists.

There are also interesting gift shops and restaurants to visit if you choose to vacation in this place. Although it has been famous for its beauty, but the Paradise beach on Cayo Largo del Sur is usually not too crowded and crowded by tourists. So you can relax calmly in the paradise of the world which is known as cayo largo del sur. It is definitely worth your time and can give you a better experience when having a vacation.