The Population in Cuba

What first crossed your mind when you heard the name Cuba? Maybe a lot of people remember cigar. This one product is characteristic of Cubans. This country is also famous for its political turmoil. Several decades ago, there was a Cuban Revolution which caused the break up of Cuba’s diplomatic relations with the United States.

All of that happened more than 50 years ago. Now Cuba has built diplomatic relations again with the United States. Even cigars from Cuba can also enter America. Besides its cigar, Cuba is also known for its diverse population. The Cuban population consists of various ethnicities and cultures.

Information about the Population in Cuba

Based on the CIA’s World Factbook, the Cuban population consists of mulatto (a mixture of white and black skin), whites, blacks and Chinese. The Chinese in Cuba used to come in the 19th century to build railroad roads and work in the mine. But after the work was finished, they were unable to return to their home countries and eventually settled in Cuba.

Based on historical records, the Chinese population in Cuba is known to have a lower degree than Europeans but higher than those with dark skin. The diversity of the population in Cuba makes frequent racial tensions. In Santiago de Cuba, a number of Jamaicans were labeled as lazy people. People with brighter skin often get ‘higher’ jobs. Skin color is often a class determinant.

The Population in Cuba

Actually, Cuba as a socialist country does not have large income differences between its inhabitants. But the difference is not only in race, but also in Cuban religion and music. There has been a lot of illegal internal immigration to Havana.

People who do this try to find greater opportunities. Cuba is also known to often accommodate a number of non-Cuban people who are unknown in number. Including defectors from the US such as Philip Agee. And also what foreign activists have for various radical reasons.

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